Repair Sacramento Transmission

Repair Sacramento Transmission

Repair Sacramento Transmission

Repair Sacramento Transmission

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Since 1965, Sacramento drivers have depended on us for expert transmission repairs backed up by a Coast-To-Coast warranty!

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What's That About?

transmission noise

Do you hear a high-pitched "whine" when driving or thumping or grinding when you shift gears? Bring you car in and one of our transmission specialists will check it out right away!

water in transmission

Transmission fluid that looks frothy or has the color of a strawberry milkshake could mean that water has traveled to the transmission. Tow, don't drive, your car to us for an inspection!

trans fluid leak

Transmission fluid in your driveway or on your garage floor could be an early indicator of major problems ahead. The fluid not only lubricates the internal parts, it provides cooling for the unit and heat kills transmissions!

transmission flush

A "flush" can dislodge small bits of metal and send them throughout the transmission. We believe that flushing can do more harm than good. Many car makers specifically recommend against doing this.

Our Story

We've been in business for more than 50 years, it's always been our goal to be the best transmission repair facility in Sacramento. Over those 5 decades, transmissions have changed greatly and so have the technology, knowledge and skills needed to repair those transmissions. We are focused on not just keeping up with those changes, but also to constantly keeping an eye on technol;ogy trends that will be coming in the future.

We are subscribed to tranmission repair informational databases to help us trouble-shoot issues. We combine our experience and knowledge with the expertise of thousands of other technicians in the industry.

Automatic transmissions have evolved and some now have six, seven, eight or even more gears. The number of parts involved and the way they interact with each other requires continuous training, our techs are constantly upgrading their skills and knowledge by attending seminars and workshops. Recently, the CVT transmission has become very popular with car makers. Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVTs) don't actually use "gears". They use a woven steel "band" or "belt" that connects two conical pulleys. One of the great advantages of CVTs is that they provide better gas mileage and smoother shifting. The downside of CVTs is that when that steel band snaps, the debris wrecks the transmission and it can't be repaired. A completely new unit is the only solution. The band itself can be replaced, ideally before 60,000 miles, and that will greatly extend to the life of the CVT transmission. Installing a new band isn't cheap, but the price is only about half the cost of replacing the whole transmission. We repair sacramento transmissions all the time but with CVTs, once it breaks, there no option other than replacement.


Transmissions can go bad for many different reasons. It could be a blown fuse or a defective computer module, and if that's the case, the actual gears may not need any repairs or replacement. Often the issue could be that a particular gear has worn out and the others are fine. In that situation, you could just replace the gear that has gone bad, but the professional solution for a transmission repair in Sacramento wopuld be to replace all of the gears. Why replace all of them? It's very likely that the gears are all the same age, with similar levels of wear and if one has failed, the others are likely to do the same in the near future. Either way, the whole unit has to be removed from the car and once that's done, the labor to replace ALL the gears insead of just one isn't much greater.

We built our reputation by doing only the work that absolutely has to be done. Honest answers to your questions and no up-selling ever! If your transmission can be repaired at a reasonable cost, we'll recommend that option. If installing a whole new transmission would be less expensive or give you a better long-term result, then that's what we'll suggest. If the transmission is mechanically solid and only requires the replacement of a new chip, relay or computer module, that's all we're going to do and that's all you pay for. Honest, expert transmission repair is what customers all across the Sacramento metro region have learned to expect from our us. If you live in the Sacramento Metro area and your transmission has failed or isn't shifting right, call us today for an appointment or just bring in your car or truck. We offer a free test-drive to evaluate the problem!

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